Chai, Tea, Cha; Different Names But Shared Emotions

Chai, Tea, Cha; different names but shared emotions

By Parimal Shah
New Delhi, June 23 (IANSlife) Beginning our day by sipping hot tea is a routine practice in India.Besides, it inculcates a sense of community among the people.

 Chai, Tea, Cha; Different Names But Shared

Being an affordable beverage, tea is loved by one and all irrespective of socioeconomic differences.Chai is an important part of the hospitality culture of India and is the go-to choice for every occasion.

With a country that believes in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, you just can’t let a visitor go from your house without serving them your specialty tea.If you are curious why tea is so important in India, give this article a read.

When every season is the chai season: The love for tea knows no bounds (and seasons); be it the chilling winter or the sweltering summer days, chai lovers root for their favourite beverage irrespective of the weather.Not to forget the monsoon when the combination of pakora with chai heals everyone’s souls amid the pitter-patter of the rain.

The spices in chai, such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, are naturally warming and can help boost circulation and provide a sense of comfort on chilly days.

Your best buddy in fitness journey: Full of antioxidants, tea serves more than a source to refresh your soul.Chai is a natural source of caffeine which can help boost energy levels and improve focus during your workouts.Coming in different flavours, certain teas, for instance, honey green tea revitalize the body and also help in losing belly fat.Add a dash of your favourite spice to the tea: cinnamon, ginger, clove, or cardamom, and voila you have the best-tasting tea with health benefits.

Beating the office blues: By enhancing your concentration and energising, beating Monday blues or in general the stress of nailing important office meetings becomes a tad easier when you have charged yourself with your favourite caffeine-packed cuppa.Tea lovers go by the motto ‘United we stand’ thus always finding ways to draw others of their type.

Sense of belonging: One may even find their clique at tapris (small tea stalls that can be spotted on every other road in the country).From being acquaintances to becoming friends that bond over topics ranging from the latest political developments to discussing finances to sharing life experiences, tea catalyses connections.Indulging in tea with the right person leads to everlasting memories.

Besides, the most common remedy to provide comfort and healing for colds and headaches is a steaming cup of tea made with love and care.

A great conversation starter: bonding over tea hits differently.Ever found yourself in a situation where you do not know where to start pouring your heart out when things get a bit overwhelming? Well, spending quality time with a trusted family member or friend over a cup of tea helps unload the burden, as chai gives us much-needed warmth.

When snack time means chai time: Whenever the hunger pangs begin to bother and the time to have the regular meal is a couple of hours away, chai with biscuits is the go-to choice for tea connoisseurs to beat that hankering.To unwind after a hectic day at school or work, tea is the best beverage we look forward to.

Not liking tea can be difficult when there are so many reasons to go head over heels for this beverage.Tea, for one, is a great conversation starter.Unlike seasons, the love for tea never changes for a tea enthusiast.

It is not just a beverage but an emotion that unites people.Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, everyone loves a good cup of chai.

Most Indian families have their own version of tea, and they carry that secret recipe as a legacy wherever they go.Besides invigorating the senses and increasing attention, certain varieties of tea, like green tea, help with weight management.This is all the more reason for people to cherish tea.

(Parimal Shah, Founder & CEO, Cherise India Private Ltd)

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