This Is The Biggest Mistake Nara Bhuvaneswari Did In Her Lifetime?

Chandrababu’s wife, Nara Bhuvaneswari, has never been active in politics.She did not take part in any political activities except for donating golden bangles in support of the Amaravati agitation.

 This Is The Biggest Mistake Nara Bhuvaneswari Did In Her Lifetime?

Chandrababu reportedly said that YCP MLAs and Minister Kodali Nani made derogatory comments on Nara Bhuwaneswari.Chandrababu is currently visiting the flood-affected areas in the Chittoor district.

Even during his visit to Chittoor for consoling the affected families, Chandrababu is seen recalling the same comments made by YCP leaders.People are criticizing Chandrababu for spending more time explaining to the people the comments rather than his consolation to the victims.

During his two-day visit to Chittoor district, Chandrababu said that he had come to console.But, Chandrababu used this incident to gain some sympathy from people.

Speaking on this occasion, he said that Jagan, who did not even have his experience as his age, was mocking him in the assembly.He said that he was saddened by the insult to his wife in the Andhra Pradesh state assembly.

Deliberately Chandrababu tried to gain sympathy by mentioning his wife.But to no avail, people started making comments that the only mistake that Nara Bhuvaneswari committed was marrying Chandrababu.

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