Meet This Woman Who Claims Having $ex With A Ghost

Meet this woman who claims having $ex with a ghost

Sian Jameson, remember this name.By her words, the 26 year has had $ex with a man Robert, who died more than hundred years ago.Don’t take her as a mad woman or a patient in mental hospital because she is not.Sian is a working woman with complete presence mind.She is a writer from Shropshire.Had enough of introduction? Let’s get into the topic

 Meet This Woman Who Claims Having $ex With A

Sian Jameson happened to break up with her boyfriend and moved to a rented house in Aberystwyth, Wales in London.There is an old painting in the house dated somewhere 1820 with a handsome man named Robert on it.Sian loved that painting and also the facial beauty of the man.One day, in the middle of the night she found herself lying on a bed beside the same guy whom she saw in the painting.Then they had a good $ex session which she rated as the best she ever had

“A few months after I have moved in, I woke up one early morning to find a dark haired, very good looking young man lying next to me.He was fully clothed in a loose white shirt, a neck scarf and old fashioned breeches.I told myself I was dreaming and rolled myself away from him.As I faced the wall, I slowly realised I wasn’t asleep and, suddenly I was frozen with fear.I felt a hand on my waist but the touch was strange, light and cool.

He was very gentle and stroked my body tenderly.During the lovemaking, I sensed all kinds of things about him.His name was Robert and he lived over 100 years ago.His body was soft and light.Even when he moved on top of me, pressing down, he almost felt weightless.It was very strange but the sex was amazing”.

Sian Jameson explained her unsual $exual experience with a ghost

Psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz has another version.She says that Sian had a hallucination since she is very much alone and disturbed after breaking up with her boyfriend.It’s just her $exual tension and mental loneliness which generated such fantasy which is nothing but a fantasy

Well, Sian Jameson is a writer by profession right?

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