Bar Council Members Setting Law School Curriculum A Tragedy: Kerala Hc Judge

Bar council members setting law school curriculum a tragedy: Kerala HC Judge

Kochi, June 19 : A Kerala High Court judge has said that the syllabus for the LLB course set by the bar council members is the “biggest tragedy facing legal education in the country” since the domain knowledge of such persons is limited to litigation.

 Bar Council Members Setting Law School Curriculum A Tragedy: Kerala Hc

Justice Muhamed Mustaque said this on Sunday while launching a mentoring initiative, which aims at helping the law students navigate their career opportunities and develop skills.

“Bar council members are dictating the syllabus.This is the biggest tragedy we are facing in India.

The minuscule number of people who get elected through an election decide about legal education.They are only litigation professionals.

Their domain of knowledge is only litigation and then they dictate the syllabus.This is the biggest challenge we are facing in India.They don’t have any idea what is happening beyond litigation,” said the judge.

“Law Colleges have no autonomy to decide their curriculum.If they don’t follow the curriculum dictated by the Bar Council, necessarily they will face some penal action and their course will not be recognised,” he further pointed out.

The judge also spoke on the need for mentoring and he pointed out: “Unlike the past when we had great minds in the legal profession, especially in litigation, where people could guide youngsters, not necessarily by constant engagement or deliberation but through following their footsteps, one could easily fall into their tracks.But today, the legal profession has altogether changed .In such a situation, the only way for us is to guide you through constant engagement .Legal mentoring is the need of the time .A platform like this will bridge that gap,” he said.

The judge elaborated on the massive change that has set in the legal profession saying that it is globalisation and technological advancements that are responsible for the same.

However, reacting strongly to the remarks of the Judge, the Bar Council of India (BCI) said the judge has been misled by persons with vested interests.

“We are shocked to read the bizarre comments of Justice Muhamed Mustaque, a Judge of Kerala High Court about regulation of legal education by the Bar Council.Only because he is a Judge, he does not have liberty to pass any comment against anybody or any organisation without having proper knowledge about it.Bar Council of India strongly condemns the irresponsible comment,” said the BCI in its press statement.


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