Subhamasthu -Telugu TV Channel Show/Serial Anchor,Actress,Timings

Renowned astrologer Sandya Lakshmi in the show discusses about various aspects of astrology.

  • She answers to various queries of the viewers based on their rashi, nakshatram, date of birth etc.She talk about the importance of ‘ Karthika Masam and SnanaDana Japam’ jyotisham and various effects that it has on our lives.
  • This Show Starts with Panchangam and then the astrologer gives the answers based on the questions asked by people regarding vasthu and astrology.
  • Famous astrologer Dr Sandya Lakshmi is the first Telugu Women who got doctorate in astrology
  • How to Register To Ask Questions:Viewers can contact Dr Sandya Lakshmi at phone numbers 505101063,1255563 and register to ask questions related to astrology by providing name,date of birth and rashi,nakshatram and question
  • Name : Subhamasthu

  • Subhamasthu Channel : ZEE TV

  • Subhamasthu Show Time : Thu-Fri @ 09:00 AM

  • Subhamasthu Host: Dr Sandya Lakshmi