Orgasm During Periods Is Beneficial In These Ways

Orgasm during periods is beneficial in these ways

Periods can’t be avoided until and unless someone hits menopause.A very much natural things it is.Since periods are inevitable, you just have go through all the hygienic issues and pains they bring every month.A period could last anywhere between three to seven days.In some cases, the numbers vary.But whatever, no woman enjoys periods.

 Orgasm During Periods Is Beneficial In These

Women want them to end as quickly as possible.They just want to shorten the duration of periods for obvious reasons.

Who wants to experience cramps, moods swings, pains etc for longer period of time ?

What if we tell you one great solution which can shorten your period, treat your cramps and also provide relief from mood swings and stress ? Yes, there is one solution which can tackle almost everything in a period.That is “Orgasm”.

You want to know how it works ?

Doesn’t matter how it comes, with sex or masturbation, an orgasm will help you to reduce the length of periods.Every time you have an orgasm, the uterus contracts.

Whenever uterus contracts it expels uterus lining and blood at a swift pace from the normal.So, in this way the period will be shortened with the help of orgasms.

With this benefit in mind, women shouldn’t really hesitate to masturbate or have sex during periods.

You already know this.

An orgasm brings hormones like dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin into action.When these three are in action, they act like painkillers.

Release of these elements will provide so much of relief from all the pains and cramps.And with the release of same hormones, women can also fight back against mood swings and stress issues in the periods.

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