Do You Know Why We Bow Garbha Gudi Back Side

Do you know why we bow Garbha Gudi back side

Temples are very important in our Hindu culture and tradition.Everyone who goes to the temple worships at the back of the sanctum sanctorum.

 Do You Know Why We Bow Garbha Gudi Back

Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind such worship? In every single temple, devotees are seen bowing like this.If anyone asks why they are doing so, no one knows the reason behind it.It is said that since everyone from our ancestors used to worship at the back of the temple, now we are also practicing the same.Others say I salute because doing so will make all of us better.

But astrologers and Vedic scholars say that there is a strong reason behind it.The anointing of the Moola Virat, the anointing of the Nitya, the chanting of the Nitya Mantra, the magical power of the Swami entering the yantra under their pedestal create a gravitational force on the idol.The Shakti spreads to the four corners of the sanctum sanctorum.However, the wall behind the Moolavirat was closest to this magical power, so the back of the wall is carved.

Devotees who come there, bow down to the back of the sanctum sanctorum to worship the idol so that the Swami will be able to get that power that is due to them.Telugu Bhakthi,telugu devotional,telugu raasi palalu,raasi palalu,pooja,devudu,telugu temples,pandagalu,తెలుగు భక్తి,భక్తి,garbhagudi back side,temple back side,bow temple back side,praying after,moola virat meaning in telugu,moola virat tirupati,venkateswara swamy moola virat,tirumala moola virat video,praying moola virat,how to bow before god,how to namaskar in temple #TempleFacts #DevotionalFacts #Bhakti


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