Arjun’s Sweet Surprise: Nani’s Son Plays “hoyna Hoyna” For Dad’s 40th

Arjun’s Sweet Surprise: Nani’s Son Plays “Hoyna Hoyna” for Dad’s 40th

Nani, the popular Telugu actor known as the Natural Star, turned 40 on February 24.He received birthday wishes from many of his co-stars and colleagues, such as Nazriya Fahadh and SJ Suriyah, who posted their greetings on social media.

 Arjun’s Sweet Surprise: Nani’s Son Plays “hoyna Hoyna”

However, the most memorable part of his birthday celebration was the surprise gift from his son Arjun, who played a song for his father on the piano.Nani’s wife Anjana Yelavarthy shared some photos and videos from the party, which showed the happy moments of the family.

One of the photos showed Nani and Arjun sitting together, while another one captured Nani and Anjana kissing their son affectionately.The birthday cake was also a highlight, as it had an iPhone theme and a message that read, “Happy birthday to the iPhone of my life”.

Nani and Anjana also shared a hug and a kiss in one of the snapshots.

In the video clip, Arjun dedicates a song to his father, mentioning that it’s for a special person, his Nanna, who loves music.He decides to gift him the melody of “Hoyna Hoyna” from Nani’s film ‘Gang Leader’ on his keyboard, leaving Nani amazed and touched.

Anjana wrote a heartfelt caption for the post, in which she expressed her love and admiration for Nani.

She said that they celebrated four decades of his life, and that she had known him for half of that time.She said that he usually avoided big celebrations and surprises, but he appreciated small gestures that moved him emotionally.

She said that this time, it was Arjun who gave him the sweetest surprise, and that it reminded her of a song from Nani’s film ‘Jersey’ that said, “Arjun makes Nani proud”.She said that she would share the full video later, and that it was perfect.

She also thanked a friend who helped her set up the beautiful table for the party.

Meanwhile, the makers of Nani’s upcoming film ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ also gave him a birthday gift by releasing a glimpse of his look from the film.

The film, directed by Vivek Athreya, features Nani in a rustic village role.

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