AP Tops The List Of ‘esanjeevani’ Beneficiaries In India

Andhra Pradesh tops the list of people getting benefited through esanjeevani.Through esanjeevani people in rural areas are getting benefited from specialist services.As of June 7, over 59.28 lakh people in the country had availed of services through e-Sanjeevani, of which 11.84 lakh people were from Andhra Pradesh.

 Ap Tops The List Of ‘esanjeevani’ Beneficiaries In India-TeluguStop.com

13 telemedicine hubs have been set up in teaching hospitals across the state, each with a general practitioner, a paediatrician, a gynaecologist and two MBBS-qualified medical officers.The hub is connected to the PHC.Patients visiting primary health centres across the state are examined by medical officers and victims of non-communicable diseases are connected to the telemedicine hub.

The rural people are benefiting from these specialist services.After the MBBS doctor examines the patients, if the victim’s problem does not fall under their purview, they are connected to the teaching hospitals through telemedicine hubs and are getting treated.

 AP Tops The List Of esanjeevani’ Beneficiaries In India-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

This allows the poor to access specialist services without travelling to the cities.It is estimated that on average, more than 15,000 people are receiving such services in the state every day.The latest figures show that esanjeevani is performing better in AP than all other states in the country.It is noteworthy that 19.71 per cent of the beneficiaries across the country are in AP.

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