Ali, Richa Announce Their Wedding Documentary \'riality\': It Captures Those Real Emotions

Ali, Richa announce their wedding documentary ‘RiAlity’: It captures those real emotions

Mumbai, Oct 5 : Actor couple Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal have shared the first glimpse of their wedding documentary titled ‘RiAlity’.

 Ali, Richa Announce Their Wedding Documentary 'riality': It Captures Those

This special reveal coincides with the one-year anniversary of the conclusion of their wedding celebrations.

Richa said: “The documentary was always something we wanted to do and then Rahul, our director, had this whole vision from an outside perspective.”

The documentary is directed by Rahul Singh Datta, with a unique perspective of his own view of how the wedding and days leading to it were, where the couple were never once sat down and interviewed to give their take during the documentary.

Richa added: “He (the director) wanted the story to be told raw, unfiltered and in a way that maybe we don’t see at weddings usually.I too love those wedding videos and they’re beautiful.But we always wanted to do something different and ‘RiAlity’ I feel justifies who we are as people.”

“We genuinely believe that we are two humble actors from humble backgrounds and we set out to do this intimate wedding and not everything is always so glossy, happy leading to the most happiest moment of your life.The documentary captures that.It captures those real emotions.”

The documentary looks at it from the perspective of everyone else involved like an outsider in perspective and how they viewed Richa and Ali’s love story evolved to their D-Day.

The first sneak peek into ‘RiAlity’ promises an emotionally charged, authentic narrative that will resonate with viewers on a deeply personal level.



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