Suspected Monkeypox Case Found In Khammam District

Suspected Monkeypox case found in Khammam District

Sandeep kumar 35 male resident of lucknow granite worker of arempullla village.He came from lucknow to khammm on 20-7-2022 .He had no symptoms of fever cough rash over the body.He had Papulosquamous crusted lesions over pams and legs and scalp since 2 months… Local RMP bring to him to private hospital morning at old bus station.He suspect the case and referred to government hospital on 26-7-2022 at 6.30 pm.On examination he had Papulosquamous crusted lesions no constitutional symptoms .As case highlighted in press media case referred to fever hospital Nallakunta for sample collection of monkey pox by 108 vehicle from khammm by 7 pm

 Suspected Monkeypox Case Found In Khammam