Sukumar Is Not At All Happy With ‘THIS’ Concern Regarding Pushpa?

Sukumar is not at all happy with ‘THIS’ concern regarding Pushpa?

The most anticipated film ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles under the direction of Sukumar released today worldwide.Ratnavelu has provided cinematography for many of Sukumar’s films.

 Sukumar Is Not At All Happy With ‘this’ Concern Regarding Pushpa?

Devi Sree Prasad composes music for each of Sukumar films.Ratnavelu is responsible for the cinematography in most Sukumar films.

However, Ratnavelu was unable to work for Sukumar’s project ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ as he has been working for the ‘Indian’ movie under Shankar direction.With this, Sukumar hired cinematographer Miroslov Kuba, who had made his debut in Tollywood with ‘Gang Leader’.

However, it is widely heard that in the initial days of the shooting of this film, Sukumar had a huge altercation with Kuba.Sukumar himself revealed this at the ‘Pushpa’ release press meet.

Sukumar said that he doesn’t know English much, and Kuba knows no other language except Polish.Also, he said that Kuba doesn’t know even English.

Due to the language barrier, Sukumar faced little issues with Kuba during the initial days of the shootings.Later, they overcame and worked hard for the film.