Amit Shah Gives Strong Warning To G Kishan Reddy  

BJP top leader and Home Minister Amit Shah did not think twice to when it came to warning his party member, senior leader G Kishan Reddy.The BJP MP is currently serving as Union Minister of State for Home Affairs.

Amit Shah Gives Strong Warning To G Kishan Reddy - Telugu And Modi Latest Statements Home Minister

Generally, known for his easy-to-go nature, the senior BJP leader mired in controversies lately.
He recently said that Hyderabad is home to huge number of Terrorists, and invited warning from the party’s high command.

Once again, his recent comments drew flak from both the party’s top brass and social media.

He went on to say, ‘Telugu people only know about the red bus.

It is because of Modi, they came to know about railways’.He was referring to the people of Telangana in his statement.The comments drew flak on Twitter, with people reminding him that Railway Network existed in Telangana at the time of Nawab’s rule when Modi and BJP were not even born.In this context, Amit Shah has reportedly warned him to keep his mouth control, and if not, he will have to face strict disciplinary action.