All India Radio Srinagar Off Airwaves For 3 Days

All India Radio Srinagar off airwaves for 3 days

Srinagar, Feb 23 : In an unprecedented development, All India Radio Srinagar has been off the airwaves for the last three days.

 All India Radio Srinagar Off Airwaves For 3

After technical glitches left the radio station silent for the last three days, listeners have missed their favourite radio programmes and the news on both medium and short wave frequencies.

The fault, so far unrectified, is attributed to the failure of the Narbal transmitter and the engineers have still not been able to restore services.

The transmission failure is the first of its kind after the unprecedented floods of 2014 when the entire station building was flooded.

Listeners always depend on All India Radio Srinagar especially in the rural and remote areas where access to TV programmes through satellite beaming is still considered a luxury the common people cannot afford.



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