Why Most Of The Temples Are On Hills Temple Facts #Devotional

Why Most of the Temples are on Hills Temple Facts #Devotional

According to Hindu traditions there are three crores of deities.Village deities however on the outskirts of the village.

 Why Most Of The Temples Are On Hills Temple Facts #devotional-TeluguStop.com

If there is a temple dedicated to the same Anjaneya Swami, it is something we know to be in the middle of the village.But for the most part that means we keep seeing more and more temples on the hills or mounds.

We know that in almost every village there is a god measured on a hill.

However, most people do not know why there are so many mounds and temples of God on the hills.

But let us now find out the reason for that.God hears our sufferings everywhere and fulfills our desires.

But God is on the hills, to test whether we can do anything for this God who solves our problems.Man, cattle, stone and wood are all living beings.

The myths say that the lord wants to uplift the Kadandoy hills and mounds.That is why God dwells on them.But wherever God is, devotees go there.Worship with devotional zeal.

Apart from that, the hills and mounds seem to be touched by the feet of God and the devotees.That is why the Rushis.

They want to be born into the hills.Swami would also measure them on the hills to satisfy their desires.hindu temples,why temples on hills,temples on hills,temples built on hills,why temples built on hills,temples facts,itneresting facts about temples,interesting facts about temples in telugu,interesting facts about temples,interesting facts about hindu temples,mysterious temples in india in telugu,devotional information,devotional videos,temple facts,temple facts in telugu,temple facts shorts #Temples #hinduTraditions #Devotional #Facts Pid: 1911086

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Why Most Of The Temples Are On Hills Temple Facts #Devotional - Telugu Devotional, Telugu #Shorts

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