Japanese Girl Group Xg Dish Out High Octane Dance-party Energy In \'new Dance\'

Japanese girl group XG dish out high octane dance-party energy in ‘New Dance’

New Delhi, Aug 24 : The Japanese girl group XG are riding on the waves of high octane energy and all out dance-party mood as they have unveiled the music video for their latest track, ‘New Dance’ which is touted to be the lead track from their very first Mini Album/EP ‘New DNA’.

The Seoul based Japanese dance pop maestros continue to stylistically experiment and look for ways to gradually evolve their sound, while still retaining their original sound.

The group is mainly known for their Hip-Hop, electronic and R&B sound signature, and while it is very much present here, there is also some experimental 70’s dance pop in the mix, and a bit of a deviation from their old BTS style K-pop, instead reeling more towards modern day American pop.

The production, as expected from XG is top notch with a crystal clear mix, open sound design, booming bass and highly audible samples which really complement the vocals of the members, all of whom seem to be having a blast in the song.

‘New Dance’ is an uplifting dance track that features prominent guitar riffs and hi-hats, accompanied by a catchy chorus that adds color to the entire song.The lyrics convey a message of enjoying yourself and dancing as if nobody is watching.

The first track taken from the Mini Album, ‘Grl Gvng’ saw XG adopting a techno-style steam punk flavour to accompany the track’s sci-fi sound.The video saw them arriving from outer space.

The second track ‘TGIF’ marked a change in XG’s sound evolution, showcasing inspirations from synth-pop.

Now ‘New Dance’, whose very theme is exploring life’s offerings, goes on to highlight much of the beauty, harboured in simple things.

The video, while showcasing the dance-party vibe of the song, also displays great scenes like a sunset beach, rooftops under clear blue skies, as well as venturing into the city and dancing in the streets, thus encapsulating the summer vibes of XG.

XG’s new EP ‘New DNA’ is coming soon, as it will hit shelves and platforms on September 27, 2023, showcasing all their evolution.



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