Importance Of Bathin In Magamasam.. Dev

Importance Of Bathin In Magamasam.. Dev

Magha is the eleventh month in the Telugu year.Magha is the month in which the moon is in the star Magha.

 Importance Of Bathin In Magamasam..

The month of Magha is considered to be the best for Yajna rituals.

Morning bathing has been a tradition during this month, especially since the Sun enters Capricorn.

River bathing is a Magha tradition for infertility.Adults believe that Magha baths drain all impurities.

During Pratyusha, the sun's rays reach the earth at a special angle.At that time the concentrations of the ultraviolet ultraviolet rays in the sun's rays change.

Modern scientists also say that baths before sunrise from January 20 to March 30 are the healthiest, and baths in fast-flowing water are best.

It is a custom to offer meaning to the sun after bathing.

Adults say that even taking a home bath before sunrise in the month of Magh will yield the result of a six-year ablution bath.Legend has it that bathing in a well gives twelve years of merit, while bathing in a lake gives a double quality, a river bath a hundredfold, a Mahanadi bath a hundredfold, a Ganges bath a thousandfold and a Triveni confluence a hundredfold.

That is why many people go for holy baths during the month of Magha.It is also said to be very good – Importance Of Bathin In Magamasam.telugu-title:మాఘ మాసం.ఆ సమయంలో స్నానం చేస్తే ఏన్నో జన్మల పుణ్యం.Read More 👉👉https:/ – Telugu Bhakthi #TeluguBhakthi #Bhakthi #Devotional #TeluguDevotional #Telugu #TeluguStop | Devotional #Telugu #TeluguStop #Usha #Devotional #MaghaMasam #Devotional #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Bhakthi


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