Film Distributors Stop Screening \'adipurush\' Across Nepal

Film distributors stop screening ‘Adipurush’ across Nepal

Kathmandu, June 19 : The sole distributors of ‘Adipurush’ in Nepal on Monday decided to stop screening of the controversial Indian film based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, across the Himalayan nation after it courted controversy over the birthplace of Sita.

 Film Distributors Stop Screening 'adipurush' Across

Manoj Rathi, the sole distributor of the movie in Nepal, said the screening has been stalled across the country.

The latest development comes after Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah on June 15 instructed cinema halls in the Nepal capital not to screeb the film until the makers correct the mistake of Sita’s birthplace.

Citing Articles 5 and 56 (6) of the Constitution of Nepal, Shah said that the federal, provincial and local governments have the responsibility to protect the national interest and that allowing the screening of the film without any changes could do irreparable damage to Nepal’s nationality, cultural unity and national identity.

A day after the Mayor’s warning, cinema halls across Kathmandu stopped showcasing ‘Adipurush’ due to security reasons.

The Mayor renewed his opposition against the film on Sunday and urged cinema halls not to screen the movie until the filmmakers did not correct the alleged mistake.

Nepal’s Censor Board has also decided to hold back permission to film.

“We have decided to stop screening of the movie due to security reasons,” Bhaskar Dhungana, Vice Chairman of the Nepal Film Union, said.

As per the Ramayana, Sita was born in Janakpur, which falls in Nepalese territory, and Lord Ram came and married her.


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