Nitish Kumar Should Leave India Alliance, Says Upendra Kushwaha

Nitish Kumar should leave INDIA alliance, says Upendra Kushwaha

Patna, Sep 18 : Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal (RLJD) President Upendra Kushwaha on Monday suggested that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should leave the opposition INDIA alliance.

“I have sympathy with Nitish Kumar.He is my elder brother.The way he is facing the problem, I would suggest him to come out of Mahagathbandhan.

At such an age, taking pain and mental pressure is not wise,” Kushwaha said.

“Nitish Ji stayed as an alliance partner with BJP for his entire life and now he is separated.He is a secular leader.When I was not with BJP, I was secular and now I am with BJP, still I am a secular leader.

I would suggest Nitish Ji to exit from Mahagathbandhan,” Kushwaha said.

When asked if Nitish Kumar would leave INDIA, would you welcome him in NDA, Kushwaha said that BJP is the biggest party in NDA.

“So I have no authority to talk about his joining.It is the responsibility of BJP to decide on such things,” he said.

Meanwhile, former minister Monazir Hasan joined the RLJD in presence of Kushwaha on Monday.During Hasan’s joining function, Kushwaha said that Monazir Hasan is a well known face in the politics of Bihar.

“He left JD-U and joined our party with thousands of his supporters.We welcome him to the party,” Kushwaha said.

Hasan said that Upendra Kushwaha will be our chief minister face for Bihar.“For Upendra Kushwaha, Muslim and Kushwaha are with him and it is a new equation in the politics of Bihar.

RJD and JD-U cheated the minority in Bihar,” Hasan said.

Monazir Hasan was MP and minister in the Bihar government.

He was associated with JD-U and recently resigned from the primary membership of the party.



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