Member Of Pradeep Kasni Gang Held, 28 Pistols, Over 150 Live Cartridges Recovered

Member of Pradeep Kasni Gang held, 28 pistols, over 150 live cartridges recovered

New Delhi, Oct 05 : In one of the biggest hauls this year, Delhi Police recovered 28 pistols and over 150 live cartridges from the possession of one member of the Pradeep Kasni Gang.An officer said on Thursday that the weapons were brought to revive the gang.

 Member Of Pradeep Kasni Gang Held, 28 Pistols, Over 150 Live Cartridges

The accused was identified as Bintu a.k.a Mintu alias Bittu (23), a resident of district Bhiwani in Haryana.According to police, on Wednesday a tip-off was received that one person, Lalit, who is a resident of Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, would come to the Civil Lines area of Delhi to supply illegal firearms and ammunition to one of the members of the Kasni Gang.

“A trap was set, and at approximately 8:10 p.m., a police team noticed a suspect riding a motorcycle without a number plate, approaching from Khyber Khas, Ring Road side, heading towards Majnu Ka Tilla.The suspect stopped in front of Pasharvnath Apartments for a brief moment,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (north), Sagar Singh Kalsi.

Meanwhile, another person arrived on foot from the Majnu Ka Tilla side.“The two individuals were identified as Lalit and Bintu.

When the motorcycle rider handed a bag to the other person, the police team sprang into action, attempting to apprehend him,” said the DCP.

“One of the accused then brandished a pistol but was overpowered after a brief struggle.The motorcycle rider managed to escape under the cover of darkness,” said the DCP.The captured suspect was identified as Bintu.

“Upon searching his person, a semi-automatic pistol along with six live cartridges were recovered.Additionally the bag yielded nine more semi-automatic pistols, 18 single-shot pistols, and 146 live cartridges of various calibers,” said the DCP.

During interrogation, Bintu disclosed that he was an active member of the Pardeep Kasni Gang.

“In October 2022, members of the Kala gang, led by Pankaj and Navdeep, were planning to eliminate Pradeep Kasni, who was incarcerated in Bhondsi Jail, Haryana, when he was being produced in court by the Haryana Police,” said the DCP.

“The Haryana Police (Jhajjar) thwarted their plan by apprehending three active members of the Kala Gang with a significant cache of illegal firearms and ammunition.To seek revenge from the Kala Gang, Bintu, also known as Mintu or Bittu, collected the aforementioned firearms and ammunition from Lalit, a resident of Baghpat,” said the DCP.

“Further efforts are underway to locate and apprehend the supplier, identified as Lalit,” the DCP added.



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