Umakoppeshwara Swamy Temple Special Story Umakoppeshwara Swamy

Umakoppeshwara Swamy Temple Special Story Umakoppeshwara Swamy

As far as we know the idol of Swami is not seen much in any Shiva temple.This Parama Shiva appears in the form of Linga.

 Umakoppeshwara Swamy Temple Special Story Umakoppeshwara

Apart from this, if the Shiva lingam is in one temple, then we see Goddess Parvati in another temple.

But in Palivela in the Kottapeta Mandal of the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, there are idols of Vinayaka and Kumara Swamy next to the Shivalingam next to Goddess Parvati.

Initially, Lord Shiva was called Uma Agastyeshwaraswamy here, but Shankara wore a cap to protect a priest.Thus Agastyeshwara Swami became somewhat Koppeshwara Swami.

Agastya Maharshi The tribe is saddened that they have not been able to see the welfare of Shiva Parvati in Kailasa.Ghora penance for the grace of Shiva.Adi couple who appreciated it appeared live.

Augustus wants to be lucky enough to see their wedding.So it was Lord Shiva who forgave the sage's wish.It is believed that Parvati, along with her sons, appeared here.

From then on, however, the Swami began to worship them as Agastya and Parvati as Umadevi.Later Lord Shiva became somewhat Koppeshwara Swami.

Similarly, devotees believe that Kadandoi will bring people who are mostly addicted to addictions and get rid of them quickly if they perform circumambulations, Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam and saffron conversion to Uma Devi.

During the Maha Shivaratri, the goddess Parvati is worshiped in a grand style.The chariot festival is held after that.Devotees come from all over to witness the chariot festival – Umakoppeshwara Swamy Temple Special Story Umakoppeshwara Swamy telugu-title:ఉమా కొప్పేశ్వర స్వామి ఆలయం గురించి మీకు ఈ విషయాలు తెలుసా? – Telugu Bhakthi #TeluguBhakthi #Bhakthi #Devotional #TeluguDevotional #Telugu #TeluguStop | Devotional #Telugu #TeluguStop #Shiva #EastGodavari #Kara #Devotional #Shivudu #Devotional #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Bhakthi


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