Rules Devotional #Devo

Rules Devotional #Devo

Sleep is one of the most favorite things for many people.Some people fall asleep like this.

 Rules Devotional

Others do not see any place to sleep and sleep where they want to sleep.

Others sleep at will.But our myths say that there are also some rules for sleeping, as they fall asleep in such a way that many misfortunes befall them.Here's what kind of rules to follow before going to sleep.

Myths tell us never to sleep in desolate places, temples and cemeteries.Similarly those who are sleeping should not be woken up by mistake.

Those who are very healthy should not sleep till sunrise.

Most people clean their feet before going to bed but do not sleep with wet feet.Doing so can lead to financial difficulties.Never sleep on a broken bed.

The Gautama Dharma Sutra also states that one should never sleep naked.Goddess Saraswati is blessed by sleeping with her head facing east while sleeping.

Also, sleeping with your head on the west side is a major cause of death.If you sleep with your head on the north side, you will die.

Most people sleep during the day.Sleeping like this is extremely poor.Many people fall asleep before sunset.

Similarly many people are eating and drinking in bed.It is not good to do so – Rules telugu-title:ప్రతి రోజూ నిద్రపోయే ముందు తప్పనిసరిగా పాటించాల్సిన నియమాలేంటో తెలుసా? Read More 👉👉https:/ – Telugu Bhakthi #TeluguBhakthi #Bhakthi #Devotional #TeluguDevotional #Telugu #TeluguStop | Devotional #Devotional #EveryDay #Worship #Devotional #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Bhakthi


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