Ravi Kishan\'s Antics Made \'maamla Legal Hai\' Shoot A Picnic: Anant Joshi

Ravi Kishan’s antics made ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ shoot a picnic: Anant Joshi

Mumbai, Feb 28 : Actor Anant V.Joshi has opened up on the off-screen camaraderie shared by Ravi Kishan, Nidhi Bisht and Naila Grewal, the star cast of ‘Maamla Legal Hai’, during the filming of the courtroom comedy that will premiere on Netflix on March 1.

 Ravi Kishan's Antics Made 'maamla Legal Hai' Shoot A Picnic: Anant Joshi-TeluguStop.com

Anant’s character, Vishwas Pandey, proudly declares himself as the ‘Donna’ of the fictitious Patparganj court — a nod to the show ‘Suits’.

From squeezing a lawyer into an already crowded lawyers’ block to orchestrating the transformation of a dog into a lion, Vishwas is a character that keeps the laughter rolling.

Shedding light on the off-camera dynamics, Anant, who was most recently seen in ’12th Fail’, said: “Our time shooting in Delhi was like a spontaneous picnic.The actors, just as hilarious off-camera as they are on the show, created an atmosphere brimming with laughter.Ravi’s non-stop antics had us cracking up, Nidhi’s comedy timing was spot-on, while Naila added a touch of sass to the mix.”

“The off-camera energy seamlessly translated onto the screen, making us look like a bunch ready to stir up some madness.It wasn’t just a set, it felt like we became a tight-knit family.The genuine camaraderie is what made the on-screen moments truly special,” he added.

Sameer Saxena dons the mantle of show-runner for this series produced by Posham Pa Pictures.Directed by Rahul Pandey, the series is written by Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja.

The show offers a refreshing take on the world of law, featuring a motley crew of lawyers, from idealistic rookies to cynical veterans.They hustle for cases, recognition and the coveted air-conditioned chambers, all the while delivering relatable content that tugs at your heartstrings.

Drawing inspiration from real-life cases, the show promises court proceedings that will induce endless laughter.

‘Maamla Legal Hai’ will premiere on March 1 on Netflix.


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