12 Ways To Satisfy Her Breasts

12 ways to satisfy her breasts

* First of all try to understand the fact that breasts come under different sizes and shapes, just like penis.There is no common or perfect shape or size.

 12 Ways To Satisfy Her Breasts-TeluguStop.com

Understanding the human thing in her is the biggest thing.

* Compliment her breasts.Keep doing that.Make her feel her comfortable and happy with her size and shape.

* Love her things.Make her know that you are very much interested in her imperfections.She will fall in love with you.

* Tease her breasts before you do anything.Those little teases will make her horny for real.

* Don’t rush into them.Start things gently and smoothly.

* Better ask her how to do.Let her teach you how it has to be done.She knows where she can feel the core sensation.

* Stimulate in different ways.Don’t be monotonous.The skin to skin touch should bring different sensations.

* Ask her if she likes going rough.There are woman who love that.But you need to create such mood before going rough.

* Stimulate her nipples.You may know or may not, even through nipple stimulation a woman can get orgasm.Don’t neglect breast and nipple stimulation.

* Give oral to her upper lady parts.

Woman loves that wetness of a man there.Do that in repeats.

* Squeeze those two things but don’t be rude with them.Ask her at what pace and what strength she loves receiving that.

* Try to make her reach climax without involving any other techniques.Let breasts stimulation alone complete the task.Spend a separate session for that.