Yamuna Pollution Row: Aap Govt Accuses L-g Of Making Contemptuous Remarks Against Sc (ld)

Yamuna pollution row: AAP govt accuses L-G of making contemptuous remarks against SC (Ld)

New Delhi, Nov 21 : The Delhi government on Monday accused Lt.Governor (L-G) V.K.Saxena of making contemptuous remarks against the Supreme Court after the latter slammed the AAP dispensation for pollution Yamuna river.

 Yamuna Pollution Row: Aap Govt Accuses L-g Of Making Contemptuous Remarks Agains-TeluguStop.com

An AAP government source, referring to a L-G’s post on microblogging site X, said that it was shocking that “he is in contempt of the Supreme Court”.

“It is unfortunate that a representative of the Central government, holding a constitutional position, considers themselves above the law,” the source said.

The source said that if Saxena disagreed with the Supreme Court ‘s judgement on July 11 removing the L-G from the high-level committee on Yamuna cleaning, then he should have filed a review.

“It is shocking that he (L-G) is insinuating that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal influenced the decision,” the source added.

On X, Saxena earlier in the day wrote: “Even when some work starts under directions of NGT & things just begin to change in terms of cleaner flood plains, enhanced sewage treatment, land for new STPs & resultant slight improvements in water quality, the Govt covolutedly gets SC to modify NGT’s order.”

The AAP government sources, reacting to Saxena’s post, said: “It’s sincerely unfortunate that a constitutionally designated officeholder is making such gauche remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision.Contempt of court is a punishable offence and we hope that the apex court shall deal with this misplaced accusation sternly, taking suo motto cognizance against the L-G’s insinuations.”

He further said that as a representative of the Central government and Constitution, the L-G must refrain from making such “contemptuous remarks”.

“The Delhi government has always wholeheartedly respected and abided by the court’s orders whether it’s in favour or untoward,” the source said.

Saxena took to X to slam the AAP government over devotees performing Chhath puja amid the toxic foam floating in Yamuna river.

In a series of posts on X, Saxena said, “Chhath festival concluded today with Arghya offered to Lord Sun.The Chhathi Maiya departed, but once again Yamuna river was left dirty and polluted.Devotees were once again forced to offer prayers amidst silt, debris and rot.Offering Arghya in the river was prohibited but Yamuna did not become clean.”

“Year after year.One promise after another.Froth, sewer, effluent remain unchecked.The floodplains get turned into dump yards and open toilets.COD/BOD, Coliform, E Coli.all markers damn the river,” the L-G added.

He also attached several photographs of the devotees offering prayers in the Yamuna with toxic foam floating alongside them.

Meanwhile, hitting back at the Delhi government, L-G Secretariat officials said that what is absolutely shocking is instead of addressing the questions and issues raised by L-G, the “sources” of AAP government are trying to hide behind fig leaf of “contempt” as an alibi to their gross and criminal failure in cleaning the Yamuna, despite dramatic public posturing during the last nine years.

The Raj Niwas officials said that this “source based alibi comes from a government that has habitually and shamelessly been not only contemptuous, but downright insubordinate of judicial orders of every court of the land, be it in the matter of parali burning, Yamuna cleaning, garbage burning, air pollution or health services”.

“Just to set the record straight, so that their despicable twists are trashed in the bud- the L-G has followed every order, including the one in this case, in letter and spirit.Just as a Constitutional Authority should do,” they added.



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