Will Sharmila’s Party Be Recognized By The Election Commission?

It has been almost a year since YS Sharmila, the YSR Party leader, said that she was going to bring the monarchy, making her mark in Telangana.She said she was meeting party workers in Hyderabad on February 9, 2021 and had already applied for electoral commission registration.

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On July 9, YSR officially declared its name as Telangana Party and announced its flag and agenda.But Sharmila’s party still does not have electoral recognition.

The Election Commission, on the other hand, has also complained that it has objections to the party’s recognition.He told EC that if another party came in the name of YSR, there would be confusion among the people.

Since then, EC has not made much headway about party recognition.Writing letters every month with a few questions does not complete the party recognition process.

Sharmila is also deeply impatient with this.They are dissatisfied that it does not make sense to take care of EC without recognizing the present person even a year after registering.

Sharmila thinks it is correct to ask Easy directly on this.YS Sharmila suspects that there may also be a conspiracy in the matter.

On the other hand, how can programs be carried out without party recognition? Activists were confused.Party factions believe that if EC suggests changing the party name it will be a fraud in the first place.

Will Sharmila’s Party Be Recognized By The Election Commission? - Telugu Sharmila, Ysr, Ys Sharmila