Top 10 Tollywood Celebrity Homes  

Telugu industry is the second richest movie industry in India and Tollywood celebrities are known for a lot of things, from acting to owning the most expensive houses in India.Living in a heavenly place is a common feeling among celebrities, but some of them are known for wanting to live a quieter and surprisingly peaceful luxurious life, and some of them have a more disturbed and rampant kind of living.

Whatever the case these expensive houses are not for everyone, guess some of these celebrities worked a lot towards heaving their dream house that they always imagined of and maybe some of them just got lucky enough.Let’s take a look at the most expensive and glamorous homes of Indian celebrities.


Do you ever wonder how you would feel if you lived in such an out-of-planet place? Time to find out what is inside these luxurious houses and who has the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in these heavenly places.


No wonder one of the most paid actors in the Telugu movie industry has one of the most luxurious houses in India.He chose the fancier style of living while making it to the top ten in our list of Tollywood celebrity houses.He lives in Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills.Prabhas is the nephew of veteran Telugu actor KrishnamRaju, and he is charged about 20 crores for a movie.

He seems to spend a lot of his money in this fancy way of living among the other celebrities that prefer Hyderabad.

#2.Mahesh Babu

The famous Indian actor that is charged about 18 crores for a movie he takes part in.He is known for films like ‘Pokiri’, ‘Srimanthudu’ and ‘Athadu’, he lives in a very fancy and comfortable house with his children and wife NamrataShirodkar.Along with other celebrities, he also resides in Hyderabad.It seems that this place is liked by Telugu famous actors and other celebrities.


His debut to the movie industry over three decades appears to have paid off really.Chiranjeevi, one of the best actors in the Telugu film industry has a net worth over 100 crores.He lives in Hyderabad with his family, while his other son Ram Charan will be covered below.


It seems that the Chiranjeevi’s family is taking over the list.He is known for taking part in famous movies like GokulamloSeetha, Suswagatham, Badri, Jalsa, and Gabbar Singh.PawanKalyan is the brother of Chiranjeevi while occurring on the most luxurious houses in India.

He is paid around 18 crores for taking part in a movie in the Telugu film industry.He also lives in Hyderabad with his family, two kids, and her wife.


He is known for movies like Annamacharya Agni Varsha, Sri Ramadasu, Rajanna; ShirdiSai; He is one of the most influential figures in the Telugu movie industry, by that means his house is one hell of a luxury place.According to the media, his property costs more than 3000 crores.I guess that’s the way of spending money when you’re rich.He also lives in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

#6.Ram CharanTej

The son of Chiranjeevi, born to a star family is also one of the highest paid actors in India.Ram Charan and his wife invested around 90 crores in their new house.

It includes fancy commodities like a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a gym.It Seems that he knows where to spend his money wisely by living an elegant house.


The handsome AlluArjun, the star of many movies like ‘Parugu’, ‘Arya’ and ‘Race Gurram’.He is one the list of the richest celebrities in India, a list by Forbes in 2015.AlluArjun lives in a fancy house too in Hyderabad.

His house is shaped like a box while maintaining a very minimalist style.It doesn’t look like a regular box but like a magic box.Imagine living in a house like this.You would totally feel like life in the cloud 9 even just for one day.

#8.Jr NTR

He is the famous Indian actor that is married to LaxmiPranathi, daughter of businessman NarneSrinivas.When these two started dating, Pranathi’s father offered an audi car to Jr NTR as a gift, and now he crossed the line and offered a much bigger gift for the couple.The new house of Jr NTR is located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad along with the other celebrities.

The house is really big and worth a lot of money.

#9.NandamuriBala Krishna

Nandamuri is known for taking part in movies like Legend, Simha, Lorry Driver, OkkaMagaadu and many others.He lives in a luxurious house in Hyderabad too.Even though a really fancy place, there was a murder committed to there, the house guard was killed during a robbery that happened in Balakrishna’s house this year.Nandamuri wife seemed to have been quite through the shock during the robbery, and Balakrishna was arrested but released on bail.


He is known for movies like KaliyugaPandavulu, Bobbili Raja, Coolie No.1, Chanti, Kondapalli Raja, SahasaVeeruduSagaraKanya, PavitraBandham, Suryavamsam, and PremanteIdera.The famous actor moved recently to his new house in Dollar Hills, Manikonda.

Making him the only one in the list that lives outside Hyderabad.His house is known to even pass the amount of Chiranjeevi’s house and other celebrities too in Hyderabad.

He moved there with his wife, son, and daughter.

Do you ever think what it would feel like living in such a heavenly place like these houses? Well work enough and you will be fortunate to live in a place like this.

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