Top 10 Most Romantic Bollywood Songs

Top 10 most romantic Bollywood songs

Everyone should experience romance once in a while, in different kind of ways.You deserve it! Love is the sweetest emotion and the most beautiful thing that someone can express to you and can be expressed to somebody else.

 Top 10 Most Romantic Bollywood

Have you ever listened to a song while you’re in love and you understood every word that the artist is saying through your feelings? Or when you listen to a song when you miss someone, and you completely understand how numb it feels to be without your loving one.While someone chooses to deliver flowers to their other half, someone tries to share their feelings through chocolates, poems or even lyrics of a song.Bollywood is known for its love and romantic songs that will melt your heart upon listening.Some of them made it to top 10, and some of them didn’t.

But those that got chosen are the most melodic and romantic songs you’ll ever hear, just try not to repeat them for several times or you’ll be stuck on each one of them.From a combination through the years, 10 of the biggest hits in Bollywood are:


There is no better love song than Arijit Singh’s, and maybe there will never be.It’s for a reason the top song in every love playlist.AeDilHaiMushkil is also a movie that war released on 2016, featuring famous Bollywoodian actresses like Anushka Sharma, AishwaryaRaiBachchan, and RanbirKapoor, written and directed by Karan Johar.

#2.Jag Ghoomeya

One of the most romantic songs, sung by RahatFateh Ali Khan.Jag Ghoomeya is featured in the 2016 movie called “Sultan” that is about a wrestling champion (Salman Khan) who makes a comeback to represent India in the Olympics.

Only RahatFateh Ali Khan knows how to turn this masterpiece into a great tune.

#3.Aankhon Mein Teri Ajab Si

Two people searching for love, she was a superstar, and he just started his career.She was his biggest inspiration for entering the movie industry.

But they both were ready to give up everything just to be loved.How many problems will they experience till they get there? Well, no spoilers here go and watch the movie.This romantic song comes from the movie Om Shanti Om that features very famous Indian actresses and actors like DeepikaPadukone, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra and others.

#4.Tere Sang Yaara

This beautiful hit among the others was sung by AtifAslam.It comes from the Bollywood movie called “Rustom”, a mystery/crime movie about a man that went to trial for murdering his wife’s lover.

The movie is not seen as very romantic, more of a sad kind of film, but the song is listed as one of the best, worth hearing it every time.


A song by A.R.Rahman, Benny Dayal&Tanvi Shah.It was featured in the movie called “Delhi-6”.A comedy/drama about Roshan (AbhishekBachchan) a guy that agreed to go back and live with his grandma at New Delhi, where she grew up, while he learned a lot that the world is not at all only flowers everywhere and very peaceful.

He mostly learned about the discrimination and the corruption that surrounds the place they lived on.If you want to express your love to someone, maybe this is the best and the right song to do it now.

#6.Sanam Re FromSanam Re

The ArRahman song from the romantic movie Sanam Re, produced by Bhushan Kumar.Sanam Re was a remake of the Turkish film ‘Love Likes Coincidences’.

This love song is among the best, so start writing its lyrics down and sing it to your other half, don’t lose any more moments.Love doesn’t wait.

#7.TujheDekhaToh Ye Jaana

Is your love as strong as Raj and Simran? The song comes from the old classic romance movie called DilwaleDulhania Le Jayenge released in 1995.Raj and Simran meet on a trip to Europe and eventually fell in love with each other.

While it’s a really old movie, they try to convince their really traditional families about their true love and how they will spend their lives together, so the battle of convincing begins.

#8.Soch Na Sake From Airlift

One of the best romantic songs from 2016 from the movie ‘Airtlift’, a historical Indian drama by directed by Raja Krishna Menon.Soch Na Sake takes you to a long love trip composed by AmaalMallik and sung by Arijit Singh &Tulsi Kumar.

#9.BolnaFromKapoor& Sons

Definitely the song that grabbed the heart of many listeners in 2016.The movie Kapoor& Sons is about two brothers that fall for the same woman played by the famous actress Alia Bhatt while visiting their parents and grandparents in India.How will they manage this situation? Is up to you to watch the movie and tell us too!


The song from the movie of the same name, about a mysterious woman that enters the lives of a married couple with an adopted child.It’s a 1999 film, and the songs are amazing.You should be lost in space or think about your crush while listening to this song.

These are only some of the best romantic songs of Bollywood, however there are many more that deserve to be listened to their really sweet and romantic tunes, like Bol Do Na Zara From Azhar, Sab Tera From Baaghi, Tum Se Hi, ChuraLiyaHaiTumne, Zaalima From Raees, OK Jaanu From OK Jaanu, and many more.Create your love playlist and start listening to it right now.

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