Tdp Leader Lokesh Promises New Vision For Andhra With \'super Six\' Guarantees

TDP leader Lokesh promises new vision for Andhra with ‘Super Six’ guarantees

Visakhapatnam, Feb 11 : Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Sunday launched election campaign titled ‘Shankharavam’ at Ichchapuram in Srikakulam district, promising new vision for Andhra Pradesh with ‘Super Six’ guarantees.

 Tdp Leader Lokesh Promises New Vision For Andhra With 'super Six'

Addressing a public meeting, he assured the implementation of the ‘Super Six’ promises from the ‘Babu Surety- Bhavishyathuku Guarantee’.

These are free bus travel to all women, three free gas cylinders to every household per year, Rs 15,000 per year to every school going child, 20 lakh job opportunities or unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month, Rs 1,500 per month to every woman above 18 years, and financial assistance of Rs 20,000 per year to every farmer.

Lokesh slammed Chief Minister Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy for turning north Andhra region into a hub of “Ganja peddling”.

He said that Jagan “deceived” the youth by not releasing the District Selection Committee (DSC) notification for at least one time in nearly five years of his tenure.

He launched a scathing attack on Jagan over atrocities on Dalits and BC communities in the state.

He also displayed “Red book” which has names of government officials and leaders of ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) who framed TDP cadres in false cases.He remarked all the psychos of the ruling YSRCP are now getting scared of the “Red book

Lokesh said that the Jagan government “illegally imprisoned” TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu for 53 days.

“Several cases have been filed against TDP activists in the last 4.10 years.The officials and YSRCP leaders who deliberately troubled the TDP leaders, their names have been codified in the Red Book,” he added.

Regretting that north Andhra has been turned into a “centre for Ganja” after the YSRCP came to power, Lokesh recalled that this land has a history of giving birth to renowned personalities.

Taunting Jagan over his public meetings titled, ‘Siddham’ (getting ready), the TDP leader asked what he was getting ready for.

“Perhaps, Jagan must be getting ready to go to jail,” he said and asked the people whether they were ready to send him to jail.

He blamed Jagan for the murders of BC leader Amarnath Goud, Dalit physician Dr Sudhakar, several people from minorities and his own uncle.

Lokesh said: “Local Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO), Ramaiah, was killed by the YSRCP leaders as he was not cooperating with them in land encroachments.”

He said that agricultural assistant Pujitha was “forced” to commit suicide in Bapatla as she questioned the “theft” of fertilisers.He also claimed that junior engineer Rama Krishna was killed as he strongly opposed the local YSRCP’s “misdeeds”.

Asking Jagan as to why he has not fulfilled the promise made to the unemployed youth to fill 23,000 posts through the DSC, Lokesh felt that the ruling party leaders started feeling “unnerved” on observing the massive response to ‘Yuva Galam’ among the youth.

Recalling that 1.7 lakh posts have been filled during the TDP regime, Lokesh promised to fill all the vacant teacher posts every year by the coming TDP-Jana Sena government.

“How Jagan, who wears Rs 1 lakh worth of chappals and who consumes Rs 1,000 worth of water bottle, can understand the problems of the poor.When there is no security for his own sister, how others can expect protection in this government,” Lokesh asked.

The Chief Minister is giving Rs 10 each to the beneficiaries of various welfare schemes by pressing the blue button but taking back Rs 100 from them through the red button, he remarked.



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