Puja Uses Of Garlic And Ginger

Puja Uses Of Garlic And Ginger

Our elders say that the onion is not the mother too.But in our Hindu tradition, the ban on eating onion and garlic is when banished and worshiped.It should take only masala food.Those who practice rituals stay away from onions during the days of worship and not only in the days of worship.

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How did this custom come from? Why is it not lawful to eat onions in the mountains? Let's get to know about this topic.According to Ayurveda, the food we have taken is divided into three parts: mildness, royal and tamarasam.This reduces the likelihood that it increases the likelihood of mannered foods.Onion, garlic and spices are also attributable to royalty.

The intake of these foods does not lead to proper thoughts, lack of concentration and extreme anger.Therefore, foods that are more concentrated are banned as onions, garlic and spices.Onions and garlic grow places are clean.It is wrong to take such food at a time when devotees of godly devotion.That is why our elders say that they should stay away from onions and garlic while worshiping.– Puja Uses Of Garlic And Ginger telugu-title:పూజలు,వ్రతాలు చేసుకునేటప్పుడు ఉల్లి,వెల్లుల్లి ఎందుకు వాడరో తెలుసా? – Telugu Bhakthi #TeluguBhakthi #Bhakthi #Devotional #TeluguDevotional #Telugu #TeluguStop | Devotional #Devotional #Garlic #Ginger #Worships #Devotional #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Bhakthi

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