Nursing Students Punished For Skipping Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

Nursing Students punished for skipping Modi’s Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, is a weekly radio program where the PM makes address to various issues and speaks to people.The idea works as a platform to reach out to the masses.

 Nursing Students Punished For Skipping Modi’s Mann Ki

The landmark 100th edition of the programme was aired last month and it is reported that massive arrangements were made for this and special screenings were also arranged.Reports also say that a big amount was spent on the program to make it a big success.

But Mann ki Baat hit the headlines for the wrong reasons as a few students faced punishment for skipping the episode.Around three dozen students were slapped with punishment as per the news covered by a popular English daily.

According to report, as many as 36 nursing students of the National Institute of Nursing Education, PGIMER, Chandigarh have been barred from stepping out of the hostel for a week after they failed to attend a programme held to air Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat on April 30.The letter was issued on May 3 by Dr Sukhpal Kaur, the principal of the institute.As many as 28 students from the first year and eight from the third year are on the list of those who would not be allowed to step out of the hostel.

Following this, the opposition parties and leaders started targeting the ruling party on this and they are asking what is the mistake of the student to face such a punishment.

Is this how you treat students, they ask.They are asking what is the compulsion for the students to attend the event where the Mann ki Baat is playing and if they don’t like they have the liberty to take a call on whether they want to be a part of this or not.

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