Ltimindtree, Ibm Join Hands To Explore Quantum Computing Innovation

LTIMindtree, IBM join hands to explore quantum computing innovation

New Delhi, Feb 28 : Tech major IBM on Wednesday announced that global technology consulting and digital solutions firm LTIMindtree has joined its Quantum Network to explore quantum computing innovation for the benefit of its global clients across multiple industries.

 Ltimindtree, Ibm Join Hands To Explore Quantum Computing

LTIMindtree is the first Indian Global System Integrator (GSI) to join the IBM Quantum Network.

The company will also collaborate with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, which is also an IBM Quantum Innovation Centre, on joint quantum research and workforce development.

“We are looking forward to providing technology support for LTIMindtree’s joint research and educational engagements with IIT-Madras, our first IBM Quantum Innovation Centre in India,” Scott Crowder, Vice President of IBM Quantum Adoption and Business Development, said in a statement.

LTIMindtree will have access to IBM resources, including the company’s global fleet of quantum computing systems over the Cloud, software, and associated expertise.

This move is a strategic step towards LTIMindtree helping their customers benefit from the transformative value of quantum computing technologies, the company said.

“These collaborations are more than an innovation milestone; they’re an important step towards a future where quantum computing could help solve increasingly complex problems faster and more efficiently,” said Aan Chauhan, Chief Technology Officer, LTIMindtree.

In addition, the company mentioned that LTIMindtree plans to establish a series of long-term projects, including applied research toward business and societal problems, quantum computing workshops, and research grants.



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