Karan Kundrra Bashes Nishank On \'temptation Island India\'

Karan Kundrra bashes Nishank on ‘Temptation Island India’

Mumbai, Dec 4 : Actor Karan Kundrra, who is the host of ‘Temptation Island India’ warned Nishank, during a recent task in the Boys’ villa that took an unexpected turn, intensifying the already charged atmosphere on the show.

 Karan Kundrra Bashes Nishank On 'temptation Island India'-TeluguStop.com

The task required the boys to present roses to the girls based on questions posed by Karan, leading to a surprising confrontation with contestant Nishank Swami.

As Nishank repeatedly responded with a dismissive “None of these girls” to Karan’s questions, the host took a playful jab at his lack of participation.However, the situation escalated when, in jest, Mahima referred to Nishank as an “idiot.”

In a startling retort, Nishank snapped back, saying, “Don’t go too far, otherwise, you know I’ll come to my second side.”

The casual banter took a serious turn when an irate Karan sternly warned Nishank, “Don’t talk about the second side; otherwise, I’ll show you my first side.I’m still being very soft with you, meri ladkiyon ke saath batameezi mat karna kabhi (Do not ever disrespect my girls).”

In a decisive move, Karan instructed Nishank to walk out of the task, leaving the villa in suspense about the repercussions of this heated exchange.As the tension continues to mount, viewers can expect a shift in dynamics and an electrifying atmosphere in the villa.

It airs on JioCinema.



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