‘bigg Boss 17’: Abhishek Age Shames Vicky, Latter Says ‘i\'ll See You When You\'re 40, At Least I’m Successful’

‘Bigg Boss 17’: Abhishek age shames Vicky, latter says ‘I’ll see you when you’re 40, at least I’m successful’

Mumbai, Dec 10 : After facing body shaming by Arun Mahshetty, Vicky Jain was age-shamed by Abhishek Kumar in ‘Bigg Boss 17’.

 ‘bigg Boss 17’: Abhishek Age Shames Vicky, Latter Says ‘i'll See You When-TeluguStop.com

An argument broke out between Vicky and Abhishek over their duties in the house.

Abhishek had asked Vicky to help in arranging washed utensils to which the latter declined and said: “I have already been doing a lot of work and I’m done with my duties for today.”

Vicky reconfirms with Arun that in the morning Abhishek agreed he will arrange the washed utensils but now he’s retracting.

During their argument, Abhishek starts age shaming Vicky and calls him “boring” and in return Vicky calls Abhishek “kamchor” and “a looser”.Amid all this Abhishek age-shames Vicky.

However, Vicky then replies to him saying “I’ll see you when you’re 40 I’m at least successful”.

Abhishek keeps repeating why does he keep getting offended about his age to Vicky.



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