Ayushi Khurana Reflects About Her Character\'s Take On Marriage In \'aangan\'

Ayushi Khurana reflects about her character’s take on marriage in ‘Aangan’

Mumbai, Nov 20 : Ayushi Khurana, who will be essaying Pallavi Sharma in the show ‘Aangan- Aapno Kaa’, has opened up on her character’s take on marriage, saying her role’s perspective is not a challenge to traditional values, but a gentle questioning of societal norms.

 Ayushi Khurana Reflects About Her Character's Take On Marriage In 'aangan'-TeluguStop.com

‘Aangan – Aapno Kaa’ promises to weave a narrative that not only celebrates the heartfelt bond between a daughter and her father but also introduces a unique perspective on marriage.

It brings a fresh and relatable approach to storytelling, led by Ayushi, and Mahesh Thakur as Jaidev.

Pallavi’s journey is rooted in the love and support she received from her father throughout her life.Now, as an independent and talented chef, Pallavi is determined to reciprocate that unconditional love.She defies the conventional narrative that suggests marriage should alter the dynamics of a daughter with her parents and instead embraces the idea that a woman can fulfill her duties as a daughter while being a supportive partner.

As Pallavi navigates through the complexities of familial responsibilities and societal expectations, Aangan promises to deliver a poignant and relatable narrative.

Talking about the same, Ayushi said: “Pallavi’s perspective isn’t a challenge to traditional values; it’s a gentle questioning of societal norms.She isn’t opposed to marriage but simply wonders why her priorities must change so drastically, and why she can’t continue to devote herself to her father even after her marriage.”

“This resonates deeply with many young girls, including myself.Having grown up in a family of only girls, I understand the concern about the potential loneliness my mother might face after my marriage.Through Pallavi’s journey, I hope to encourage contemplation on these issues and contribute to shifting the mindset that insists girls must abandon their families post-marriage,” she added.

The show will soon air on Sony SAB.



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