PM Modi Inaugurates International Airport In UP’s Kushinagar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the Kushinagar International Airport in Uttar Pradesh.The Airport is said to be very useful for Buddhist travelers from all over the world.

 Pm Modi Inaugurates International Airport In Up’s

He said that Kushinagar Airport was the result of decades of hopes and aspirations.Also, PM Modi said that he was happy to launch the Airport, adding that it was a spiritual journey and it was very satisfying.

Kushinagar Airport is not just about air connectivity as it will benefit farmers, animal lovers, shop owners and workers and local entrepreneurs.He said that the tourism sector is benefiting a lot from this Airport.

He said 200 Airports, and heliports would be built across the country in the next four years.

Prime Minister Modi said his government’s goal was to develop all areas associated with Gautama Buddha.

He revealed that special care was taken to provide all facilities to the Buddhist devotees.

Speaking on this occasion, PM Modi said, “We are building nine new Airports in UP, and Jewar Airport will be the largest Airport in the country.”

Kushinagar is a major tourist destination for those who follow Buddhism.Gautama Buddha attained Mahaniryanam here.

The first flight from Sri Lanka landed here during the inauguration of Kushinagar Airport.The plane was accompanied by Sri Lankan ministers and Buddhist monks.

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