Peshawar Mosque Bomber Was In Police Uniform

Peshawar mosque bomber was in police uniform

Peshawar, Feb 2 : Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Moazzam Jah Ansari on Thursday said that the terrorist responsible for the January 31 suicide bomb blast at the Peshawar mosque had been identified through CCTV footage, adding that he was wearing a police uniform.

 Peshawar Mosque Bomber Was In Police

Addressing a press conference, the IGP stated that the assailant was was riding a motorcycle with a helmet and mask on, The Express Tribune reported.

He added that the motorcycle’s number plate was fake.

Ansari detailed that the attacker pretended to take the vehicle to the side, reached the police lines and asked a constable where the mosque was.

The bomber was found in footage from Khyber Road, The Express Tribune reported citing the top police official as saying.

He stated that the head of the suicide bomber found at the scene was the same as the person identified on the CCTV footage.

The IGP also said that the assailant was not an individual, but rather had a whole network supporting him.He stated that the police were close to the terrorist network responsible for the bombing

According to Ansari, the terrorists disturbed the peace of the provincial capital and police personnel were now close to their network.

He added that revenge would be taken for every single of the 101 people that were killed.

IGP Ansari urged people not to spread rumours regarding the blast as they only exacerbated the pain of those deceased.

He clarified that speculations of a drone attack were false and that there was no crater at the scene of the blast, The Express Tribune reported.

He furthered that no identity card of the assailant was found at the sight and that according to the bomb disposal unit’s report, the blast was indeed a suicide bombing.

Ansari said that TNT explosives were used in the blast, while other explosive materials used to demolish buildings were also used #Peshawar #mosque #bomber #unim #Telugu #TeluguStop


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