Insv Tarini Embarks On Historic Expedition By Women Navy Officers

INSV Tarini embarks on historic expedition by women navy officers

New Delhi, Feb 29 : Indian Naval Sailing Vessel Tarini has embarked on a historic expedition, from INS Mandovi (Goa) to Port Louis (Mauritius), in the first-ever trans-oceanic sortie undertaken by Indian women in a double-handed mode, the Navy said on Thursday.

 Insv Tarini Embarks On Historic Expedition By Women Navy

Lt Commanders Dilna K.and Roopa A.are participating in this expedition, conducted under the aegis of Indian Naval Sailing Association, showcasing ‘Nari Shakti’ (woman power) in the maritime domain.The venture not only highlights the exceptional skill and dedication of the Navy’s women personnel but also underscores the nation’s commitment to promote gender equality and inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated fields, it said.

Their endeavour also serves as a crucial part of their preparation for the upcoming circumnavigation of the globe, scheduled later this year, a Navy official said.

The two officers have been preparing themselves for the last two and a half years, following a rigorous selection process.Prior to the present expedition, the two, as part of a crew of six, sailed from Goa to Mauritius and back in 2022, followed by an expedition from Goa to Rio De Janeiro via Cape Town and back last year.

Thereafter, the officers undertook a sailing expedition from Goa to Port Blair and back in a double-handed mode.

This would be their last consolidation expedition prior to the circumnavigation planned to commence in September this year, the official added.

The expedition was flagged off by distinguished yachtsman, Commander Abhilash Tomy (retd), who has circumnavigated the globe non-stop on sailing boats twice.He has been mentoring the two women officers for last six months.

Tomy said that this expedition symbolises the spirit of adventure and resilience that defines the Indian Navy and exuded full confidence in the capabilities of the two women officers, while wishing them fair winds and smooth seas on their historic voyage.

The Navy said that transoceanic expedition of INSV Tarini signifies a significant step forward in India’s maritime endeavours, showcasing the nation’s growing prominence in global maritime activities and gender equality on the high seas.

It is a testament to the Indian Navy’s commitment to fostering excellence and diversity within its ranks, it added.



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