5 Probable Reasons Why Women Don’t Take Initiative For $ex

* Social thing :

 5 Probable Reasons Why Women Don’t Take Initiative For $ex-TeluguStop.com

In general, men are seen as beings with $exual desire.Men are projected as people who give and women as takers.

She is termed as a manlike, slut or b*tch is she happens to express her $exual desires.Especially, in South Asian countries, woman are treated very conservatively.

For these reasons, women not often express their $exual want.

* Hygiene issues :

Compared to men, women face more hygiene issues since they have to go through many body challenges.White discharges, blood discharge, yeast infections and many more.Women even feel insecure with pubic hair.

You see, a male genital is not as complex as a woman’s.

* Fear of rejection :

In Indian marriages, husband mostly holds the say.It’s mostly the husband who asks for the bed session and the woman follows.It’s not the other way around in maximum cases.No matter how discriminative this looks, it’s still a fact in 2017.What if the husband is not in mood? What if he is tired, what if he rejects? These questions revolve in her mind.

* No testosterone :

Testosterone is the biggest difference in men and women.This male harmone is quite aggressive in nature.It makes men $exually charged.So, they are more $exually charged when compared with women.So, there are less chances a woman starting the talk than men.

* She doesn’t like the man :

It’s simple.She is not really in mood of making love with him.I may be because she doesn’t love him.She might not be liking his way of dealing $ex session.In either ways, she would not be really interested to take the initiative.

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