Suicide Attempt By Mbbs Student From Tn. Seniors Ragging

Suicide attempt by MBBS student from TN. Seniors ragging

Chennai, Dec 6 : .Police have opened an investigation into the suicide attempt of a second year MBBS student at the Government Medical College hostel, Dharmapuri in Salem district.

 Suicide Attempt By Mbbs Student From Tn. Seniors

The student had lodged a complaint against four senior students accusing them of ragging him.

The student was found in an unconscious state on Sunday at the hostel room and fellow students took him to the hospital where he is recouping.

Police, according to information available, have commenced investigation on the reason behind the suicide attempt and whether ragging was the reason behind it.

Dean of Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital, Dr.Amudhavallli while speaking to IANS said, “The boy is a native of Rasipuram in Namakkal district and had lodged a complaint a few weeks before that he was subjected to ragging.We had notified his parents and had commenced an investigation, but later he withdrew the complaint”

However, the College authorities on condition of anonymity said that the boy had undergone psychological counselling after the withdrawal of the complaint and was under severe depression.

Police have started investigating the case and a senior officer attached with the Dharmapuri police station told IANS said, “We have not yet registered a case, but are investigating the matter from all angles.According to college authorities, the boy withdrew the complaint against four seniors he claimed had raped him.The law prohibits ragging so the four senior students could be arrested.However, statements from his parents, classmates, and teachers will be taken before we can make any arrests.”

With ragging resurfacing in several colleges of Tamil Nadu, parents and students allege that most of the college managements are not supporting the victims out of fear that the college may get a bad name.

Habeeb Khan Rawther, a psychologist and counsellor based out of Madurai while speaking to IANS said, “The college authorities must be booked if they don’t lodge a formal complaint against ragging citing the loss of name and reputation of the college.

The college’s reputation is more important than their safety.The government of Tamil Nadu must take a strong stance against those who bring back the draconian ragging to college campuses.

This must be stopped and the government must take a firm stand.Many bright, innocent students will be killed and many others will become mental wrecks.”

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