Himachal To Launch Sexed Semen Technique In Cattle Breeding

Himachal to initiate the technique of sexed semen in the cattle breeding

Shimla 17 Aug, Shimla : The Himachal Pradesh government will launch the use of semen sexed in cattle breeding with the Central government’s support in order to guarantee the birth of female calves to increase the production of milk and increase the profitability of farmers Animal Agriculture Minister Virender Kanwar announced on Wednesday.
The Center’s Department of Animal Husbandry has approved a plan for the state as part of the Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM) by releasing a grant in aid of the amount of 841.65 lakh.

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The sex sorting technology will be made available in each of the twelve districts the end of this month to allow farmers to raise productive animals and to ensure an increase in the number of animals straying.

The first batch of 22,000 doses of sex semen that is sorted was acquired by the state government.The first attempt to inseminate in buffaloes and cows is expected to be carried out in September, according to Kanwar.

The sex semens that are sorted of advanced breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, crossbred Jersey and crossbred Holstein Friesian will be available to farmers.

The sex sorting technology can guarantee up to 90% possibility of the production of female calves in comparison to a 50/50 male-female sex ratio with normal semen.

It will ease the pressure of farmers in managing male bull calves.

While the price of one dose of sex semen sorted is $675 The government will supply the dairy farmers with it at a cost of Rs 125 per dose, according to the minister.

According to the plan the doses of sexed semen are used to achieve 3 lakh guaranteed pregnancies in five years in Himachal Pradesh, which is the birth of approximately 2.4 million female calves in five years.

This year, 60,000 births in buffaloes or cows can be averted by using 1.68 lakh doses using this method that could result in the birth of 48,000 calves, stated Kanwar.

The state will partner with private experts with the project.They will receive a salary of the sum of Rs 100 for each artificial insemination with sexually sexed semen.

To achieve the higher rates of conception both private and government technicians will receive Rs 300 for conception during the first artificial insemination, and 150 rupees for the next one.

If the animal is not able to become pregnant after the second artificial insemination, then the contribution of the farmer of 250 Rs will be returned by the agency that implemented the program with an advice to follow up with the another artificial insemination with conventional semen.

All information associated with the programme are to be registered using INAPH (Information Network on Animal Health and Productivity) application, as well as other applications used to monitor and implement of the program, stated the minister.

Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya well-known as CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University was a landmark in April, when a female calves was born with sexed semen.

The University had signed a deal with the Pune-based Genus ABS India Private Ltd concerning the use of semen sexed in the breeding of cattle.


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