By-poll Campaign Ends Today In Huzurabad

By-poll campaign ends today in Huzurabad

The by-election campaign in the Huzurabad constituency will come to an end today.All the political parties and leaders are extensively campaigning in the Huzurabad constituency in support of their candidates.

 By-poll Campaign Ends Today In

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has ordered the closure of the campaign 72 hours before polling in the wake of the spread of Covid.

With this, the political leaders are set to end the campaigning by five o’clock on Wednesday evening.

Also, all non-locals will have to leave the constituency.Generally, candidates can campaign until 48 hours before the polling starts.

But recently, the Election Commission extended the deadline to 72 hours.

Already 20 troops of paramilitary forces have been deployed in the Huzurabad constituency.

The constituency where the by-election is to be held usually has to send one Expenditure Observer while two have been sent to Huzurabad.

The EC is facing allegations that the Huzurabad by-election is being conducted in favour of the central government.

In the wake of this, there is a perception among the people that such decisions are being made.The polling takes place on October 30, and the counting will take place on November 2.

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