After Washington Dc Makes Public Transport Free, Kejriwal Takes A Dig At \'muft Ki Revadi\' Remark

After Washington DC makes public transport free, Kejriwal takes a dig at ‘muft ki revadi’ remark

New Delhi, Dec 16 : After Washington DC on Friday announced to make public transport free, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a jibe at the opposition, and asked, “Should it be ridiculed as muft ki revadi?’

 After Washington Dc Makes Public Transport Free, Kejriwal Takes A Dig At 'muft

Sharing a news article that said Washington DC is making public buses free forever, Kejriwal tweeted, “Washington DC makes public transport free.Shud it be ridiculed as “muft ki revadi”? No.Providing public services free to its citizens without burdening them wid extra taxes reflects honest and sensitive govt, which saves money and provides facilities to its people”.

The Aam Aadmi Party has severely been criticised for its freebies by the opposition parties.

However, the AAP has continuously been advocating for giving the relaxation to the public in the form of freebies.

The AAP fought the Gujarat Assembly elections on the issue of implementing the ‘Delhi Model’ andf had made promises on providing free water, free electricity, free healthcare among other facilities.However, the party got only five seats.

As per the report, Washington DC will permanently offer free bus rides on all routes from next summer, and other big cities like Boston and Denver may follow the measures.

The city has decided to expand its transport services under a plan which was unanimously agreed to by Washington DC’s council last week.


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