UK Citizen Negative Review On Indian Restaurant Telugu NRI News

UK Citizen Negative Review on Indian Restaurant Telugu NRI news

There is a good demand for Indian cuisine abroad.Foreigners love the variety of food menus we make.

 Uk Citizen Negative Review On Indian Restaurant Telugu Nri

Once you have tasted Indian food, you will love it.That is why many Indian businessmen make huge profits by setting up restaurants abroad.But whether it’s racism or racism on the part of the locals towards Indian restaurants, at one time some of the locals are attacking Indian restaurants.Otherwise, they will give fake reviews saying don’t go to this restaurant.

A similar experience was recently encountered at an Indian restaurant in Britain.

Rick Arpino, a British man, went to an Indian restaurant with his family on Christmas day.Ordered Indian cuisine.Rick, however, was angry at the restaurant for giving them what they liked instead of the order he had given.

He was furious, saying he had hurt his children on Christmas day and ruined their happiness.Without stopping there, he wrote a negative report on the restaurant on Facebook, Twitter and various social media outlets.An Indian restaurant responded to the incident.

His comments denied that there was No truth in what Rick Comments.

Restaurant owner Shah Munim said he did not have the dishes he mentioned and had removed them from the menu to see if anyone was asking.He explained that he had told Rick in advance to order different dishes.

Rick then agreed … and said he had ordered other different dishes he had made.Now go out and put in a negative review … they are angry that this is not the right method at all.

He said that such incidents happen once in a while and they do not even know why they are doing so.On the same day, Shah Munim said that another British man had reviewed the food as good.He said that such problems could arise because not everyone likes the same dishes.He also said that most foreigners enjoy Indian food.

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