Myntra Teams Up With Meta To Launch Fun Emoji Campaign On Whatsapp To Give Sneak Peek Into Myntra Birthday Blast

Myntra teams up with Meta to launch fun emoji campaign on WhatsApp to give sneak peek into Myntra Birthday Blast

Bengaluru, March 1 : To commemorate its 17th birthday, Myntra has launched a fun emoji campaign on WhatsApp, in partnership with Meta and Gupshup, ahead of the Myntra Birthday Blast scheduled between March 1 and March 7.

 Myntra Teams Up With Meta To Launch Fun Emoji Campaign On Whatsapp To Give

Redefining the pre-event buzz with an exciting twist on traditional WhatsApp chatbots, Myntra has ensured that its birthday becomes truly special for its customers and is filled with surprises.

The campaign will be live on WhatsApp for Myntra users on March 1 and 2.It will be an interactive and personalised experience for the users, who will have to guess the hidden emojis to unlock Myntra’s official cheat-sheet for accessing incredible offers of Myntra Birthday Blast.

The campaign will see Myntra’s chatbot, via the official WhatsApp account of the company, send a challenge to the users, asking them to find a secret emoji related to birthday celebrations, and receive a return gift, as per the applicable T&C of the campaign.

Upon responding, the customers are rewarded with the cheat-sheet, which serves as a quick snapshot of the incredible price points during the Myntra Birthday Blast.

In this one-of-a-kind campaign, the users will also receive unique selections and offers tailored to their preferences for every emoji used, which can then be availed during the Myntra Birthday Blast.

For instance, if a user responds to the bot with a ‘jeans’ emoji, he/she will receive a cheat-sheet with all the jeans related offers.

Myntra has categorised the emojis as per the different categories that the users shop from to generate tailor-made responses.Additionally, as part of this campaign, the customers will also see the ‘reminder’ feature, in case the users choose to stay updated on the latest offers from Myntra during its Birthday Blast event.



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