Know The Importance Of Chanting Om Namah Shivay Om Namah Shivay

Know the Importance of chanting Om Namah Shivay Om Namah Shivay

Remembering Ishwar means thinking of Om Namahshivaya as well as why there are wonderful, meaningful reasons behind it.Shiva means ‘Absolute’.He is also known as ‘Lord Shiva’.Which means ‘element of God’.

 Know The Importance Of Chanting Om Namah Shivay Om Namah

The Saivites believe that this aspect is an integral part of everything and that it is inseparable.However it is not like the material that appears outside to separate from man.The heart itself is like the heart.It is a collection of five, ma, shi, va, ya.The mantra begins with Om Karan.Om… Mahabhijaksharam.The elders say that all the other letters originated from this.The letters in this mantra have both ‘meaning and transcendence’.Although ‘na’ signifies the light in God, these five syllables are also called Panchabhutas.

Na means earth, ma means water, shi means fire, va means air, ya means sky, as some elders have defined the letters in this mantra.Scholars say that this mantra is useful for spirituality and that chanting of this mantra cleanses the nerves and calms the mind.

Spiritualists also teach that repeating it over and over again will increase the tamogunam and rajogunam in man and increase the spiritual feeling.There is so much meaning behind this mantra.The human body is pentaphysical.Om means ‘Namaskaram’.

When the five letters Namasivaya are uttered, the body filled with Pancha Bhutas (Prithivyapastejovayurakasah) is cleansed.

The mantra Om ‘Namasivaya’ is said to be the heart of the Vedas.

The mantra ‘Namasivaya’ is found in writing in the middle of the Vedas in ‘Rudram’.Its meaning is explained extensively in the Agamas.Panchakshari Mantra.Scholars believe that our soul, body, and existence are the protective mantra that protects us all.Each letter cleans each monster.Cleans the earth, the water, the fire, the air, and the sky.Spiritual feeling in man cannot stand pure unless the mind and body are pure.Hence the myths say that there is no doubt that if the word Om Namasivaya is uttered over and over again, peace of mind will be established.shiva chants powerful,shiva chants for meditation,om namah shivay om namah shivay,om namah shivay shivji sada sahay,powerful shiva mantra to remove negativity ( hara hara bole namah shivaya ),lord shiva mantras in telugu,powerful mantras of lord shiva,lord shiva pooja mantras in telugu,om namah shivaya,om namah shivay,om namah shivaya mantra,om namah shivay meaning,importance of om namah shivaya,importance of om namah shivaya mantra,devotional stories,lord shiva #OmNamahShivaya #LordShiva #Devotional Pid: 1916737

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