Does It Beat ‘kahani’ Or Become ‘penguin’?

Does it beat ‘Kahani’ or become ‘Penguin’?

Anushka Shetty starrer ‘Nishabdham/Silence’ has all the elements required for a Thrilling ride.

 Does It Beat ‘kahani’ Or Become ‘penguin’?

Promoting a Mystery Thriller isn’t an easy job.Until the film release, you have to keep the suspense element intact and engage the audience with the teasers and trailers.It seems, ‘Nishabdham’ filmmakers have succeeded in that aspect as the recently released trailer hit the target straight away.

The trailer starts with Anthony (R.Madhavan) and Sakshi (Anushka) entering into a haunted house for a Josephine wood painting.

Then, Anushka re-appears as a deaf and mute, but a gifted artist.Consequently, the trailer shows character artist Subbaraju as a close aide to Sakshi.

Then the scene shifts to the search of a girl, Sonali (Shalini Pandey) who is Sakshi’s best friend and the ‘voice of Sakshi’.As cops, Tollywood actress Anjali and Hollywood actor Michael Madsen run in pursuit of Sonali.

If we take Mystery thrillers with a female lead, Bollywood ‘Kahani’ stands tall.Given the hype, Anushka’s ‘Nishabdham’ has all the potential to erase the records set by Kahani and be at the top.However, if the suspense element in the film doesn’t engage, then it may fall under the recent debacle ‘Penguin’.

The film will have a theatrical release in Hindi and English after the lockdown, While it is all set to enthral the movie lovers on Amazon Prime on Oct 2.

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