46 Marginal Seats Might Decide Congress\' Fortunes In Rajasthan

46 marginal seats might decide Congress’ fortunes in Rajasthan

New Delhi, Nov 30 : Forty-six marginal seats might hold the key for ruling Congress’ fortunes in Rajasthan, as per the ABP-CVoter Exit Poll.

 46 Marginal Seats Might Decide Congress' Fortunes In Rajasthan-TeluguStop.com

Out of the 200 Assembly constituencies, polling took place on 199 seats out of which 46 are marginal where pro-incumbency and anti-incumbency factors give rise to two prospects.

In scenario one, if all marginal seats go anti-incumbent, the Congress is likely to get 55 to 65 seats, while the BJP may win 130 to 140 seats.The BSP will win 0 to 2 seats while others are likely to win 0 to 4 seats.

In scenario two, if all marginal seats go pro-incumbent, the Congress is likely to win 91 to 101 seats, the BJP is projected to win 88 to 98 seats, the BSP 0 to 2 seats, and others 0 to 10 seats.

As per the Exit Poll, out of the 46 marginal seats within the same vote share, the Congress is likely to win 21, the BJP 11, and others 14 seats.

The counting of votes will be taken up on December 3.



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