Elderly Man Killed In Guwahati While Going To Mosque

Elderly man killed in Guwahati while going to mosque

Guwahati, July 27 : In a brazen attack, two unidentified assailants on Thursday killed an elderly man in Guwahati as he was on his way to a mosque.

 Elderly Man Killed In Guwahati While Going To Mosque-TeluguStop.com

The horrifying attack occurred at Friends Path, some 100 metres from the Hatigaon Police Station.

The victim has been identified as Javed Ali Ahmed, a retired engineer who was a member of the mosque committee.

According to police sources, Ahmed was killed after being struck with an iron rod.

The rod was found at the crime scene.

The attackers managed to flee the scene before any emergency assistance could be rendered.

Soon after the incident, the police were informed, and a team sped over to the scene to start an investigation.

Additionally, a CCTV recording that was obtained depicts the two assailants pacing down the lane where the attack occurred.

The attack came days after another man, who was also a member of the mosque committee, was killed in the same locality.

Further investigation is underway.



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