Unexpected Foods That Should Kept In Refrigerator

Unexpected foods that should kept in refrigerator

We use refrigerators for storing foods.But not many of know that the commonly available foods like Tomato, Onion etc need not be kept in a refrigerator.

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Actually, keeping them in refrigerators will take away all the nutrients.But there are certain foods and oils which serve you better at lower temperatures.They are good in refrigerators.They ripe better and they lost long in refrigerator conditions.Unlike other foods items and oil, they can’t last long in normal conditions.See what they are.

* This would actually surprise you since butter is a dairy product.But if you want butter to be spreadable use butter crocks.

Storing butter in crocks will help butter to stay good for couple of weeks.

* Flax, walnut, almond and sesame oils can really turn foul smelling if you keep them in high temperatures.

They are unlike coconut oil or almond oil which can resist normal temperature.You need to refrigerate those seed oils and nuts.

* Oranges and Lemon have to be stored in refrigerators without any second thought .Although they don’t go rancid if you don’t refrigerate but if you do, citrus family fruits like these can last longer.

* Avocados are costly.Especially in India, they are way too costly.One glass of avocado juice costs somewhere between Rs.80 to Rs.100.After spending such bomb on this healthy food you want it to last long.So, refrigerate avocado.

* Nuts and seeds can lose their life within no time, if they are kept under normal high temperatures.

If you want them to stay fresh for longer time, just refrigerate them.